Isn't it really a mistake to say either; "I am going to go shopping or I am going shopping"

"I am going to go to the cinema"

"I am going to the cinema"

My teacher told me that 'I am going to go to ..... is a mistake but I trust native speakers only.Emotion: smile
"I am going to go ..." is not a mistake. It is an example of the simple future using "going to"

Next week I am going to go to the cinema.

When using "going to" many people leave out the verb if it is "to go".

Next week I am going to the cinema.

You can see this "short cut with "come" as well.

I am going to come home on Monday evening. = I am coming home on Monday evening.

These sentences are the same as the present progressive for future use but may also be used for intentions as well as personal arrangements.
trust your teacher, i am with him
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No, Robin I won't she said that it is a mistake.
Thank you.
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