Hello guys,

English teachers always reprimand brazilian students that say something like the sentence in the title. Since in Brazil we use the word "shopping" to designate the place with a lot of stores ("use shopping mall or just mall", they say), it is so easy to make the mistake of doing the same in english. But, is it really a mistake? I've heard sometimes americans saying "I went to the shopping" or something like that, so I'm confused.

Thanks =)
Hi wont,

Yes, it's a mistake. Your teacher is right - the place with a lot of stores is the mall.

I went to DO the shopping is okay, because "shopping" is the activity. You can do the laundry, or do the dishes, or do the shopping.

I don't know any native speaker who would say "I went to the shopping."
No ...and in British English we have 'shopping centres' or we might go to 'the shops' but we would never use 'shopping' as the name of the place.

We do say we are 'going shopping' or even 'going to go shopping' or 'when will you go shopping' or 'go to do the shopping' but this is shopping as a verb. We don't 'go to shopping'.
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wont"I went to the shopping"
You can say a lot of things with the word "shopping", as described by other forum members above, but "I went to the shopping" is notone of them! Emotion: sad

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