I am me or I am I?
Which one is correct?
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That he knows his Beatles lyrics, at least to that song.
I am facing this same quandary in poem I've created. CalifJim's insight has been helpful. Thank you.
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Well English is a German Latin language. I can see that’s why. Originally there are two kinds of “objects” in both Latin language and German. They are called “Accusative” and “Dative”. when there is a verb and only one object in a sentence, then the object is accusative case. But there is an exception. The “object” or “noun” which is described by the verb “be” is always in “nominative” case, which is the subject.

(And in English, both are merged into one concept, that’s socalled “object”.) and “me” is the object pronoun form on “I”.

Example: (German) Ich bin ich. (But not “Ich bin mich” or “ich bin mir”.) I am I

Ich bin der Gott (but not “Ich bin den Gott” nor “Ich bin dem Gott”. I am the god.

Er ist der Lehrer (again, not ”Er ist den Lehrer”nor “Er ist dem Lehrer.. He is the teacher.

(Latin) Deus sum (i am god)

Magister sum (I am teacher)

But do mind one thing, English is as all other languages, it’s vivid and organic. There are rules but they are changing because the language lives. The meaning of grammar is to help people to learn and comprehend the language in an orderly fashion. But being able to communicate is always the priority.

I am I seems more appropriate though it's not commonly used.

Just have a look at the following construction-

He is he.

We never say - he is him.

She is her.

We just use nominative case after to be just to use as a compliment of the verb.