Hi Gang, Thanks for the help in advance here. This is what I am wondering about.
Between these two statement

1) I am an honest person
2) I am a honest person
which one is correct?.
Grammer tells me I think that it would be # 2, however it just does't sound correct.
Does the rule that if the word following a or an is a vowel the an sould be used? is there some other exception to this rule I'm unaware of?. Once again thatnks for the help in advance..David
Hi FishWish

The grammar rule for indefinite articles usage is:

We use A before a consonant-sound.
We use AN before a vowel-sound.
The difference depends on the sound of the vowels and consonants, not the spelling!

honest begins with an H, but it is not said, so "I am an honest man" is the correct answer.

university begins with U but it sounds like "Y", so it is said "a university"

hope it helps
Thanks learner,That helped alot,I appreciate you taking the time to respond and of course the info as well..TTYL...David