I am unable to chat in talk. I am logged in EF. I try to log in in the talk than a massage appears as authentication failed. Please help
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I just posted about this, please check the Help Forum again.
I have the same problem: authentification failed.
Thank you!
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can someone chat today?
Count me in. I also can't log in to chat today till now.
I thought I could help, so I updated my browser and flash plug in, but it still has authentication problem. I think the connection of flash plugin to DB has a problem. It is not DB engine, because we can still log in to forums.
I hope it will be repaired soon.
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Very creative Audray Emotion: smile
The chat link on the menu has been removed for now until we can fix it.. we'll have to wait till Hitch gets back from his holiday. Till then, hope you enjoy the forums!
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