i think that i want getting love with girl. but i did not get love with girl. one day of other girl apply to my college.i was see to girl who is beautiful and best her slim than my girkfriends.i will plan to get love with her. but i heard that she is refused to get love and talk with me.my friends told me that i am impossible to get love with her because she always strike.i try to go to talk with her every week. she talked me for fews days.i answed her a want love.she has worry about love and escaped out from my college.i am worry about her. she does not come back my college.i am unlucky
I'm very sorry for you, but I'm sure you'll meet a lot of other girls.
Look, I'll move your post from "Vocabulary & Idioms" to "Topic of the moment", maybe someone can advise you there
sorrrrrrrrrrrrrry about u


can u love other girl

good luck...
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come on!
you can find a better love.
No you're not when the right girls come your way you'll know it
oh dear; i am sorry about you.
i am sure; you are lucky...
but you dont know it .. i think you don't care other beautiful girl..

nevermindEmotion: wink

good luckEmotion: smile
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hey... there will be others.. cheer up now