or: I am you host, Conan O'brian.
I don't think It needs a comma, but I'm not positive.
Hi, I am your audience - Conan Lotus, and I'm sorry to say I'm not sure either.
Undoubtedly someone else will be able to answer in due course.
Awesome! Bye Emotion: smile
>>"I thought I saw aunt"

Actually it works if you said "I thought I saw my aunt" - with no comma, and in this case, "aunt" is no proper noun, as well as "host" is not in "I am your host."

With your rule, you also have a comma in "I am your aunt, Linda Miller", which is correct I would say, but I wouldn't use a comma in the sentence "I am your aunt Linda", would you?

If I used a comma here, then it'd seem to me as Linda is the person who is addressed by this: "I am your aunt, Linda."
"I am your host Conan" and "I am your host, Conan" seem to follow the same rule.
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You need the comma. The proper noun is parenthetical. You can test this by lopping it off: "I am your host." The meaning is preserved. Compare this to "I thought I saw aunt Jane." No comma, because "I thought I saw aunt" doesn't quite work.
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