Hi i want to ask about this:
do we use "I and he are going out" or "he and I are going out" or "He and me are going out" or the last one "me and he are going out" according to standard english.

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"He and I are going out..." is the most common way. However, you can say "he and me..." but this is used very rarely.. Emotion: smile As for, "I and he" I guess it is not used . Emotion: smile
how does it sound rude? I mean "he and I" is just the switched in its position form of "I and he"
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I edited my post. In fact, I didn't mean it sounds rude. I tought in Turkish, sorry. To summarize:

he and I --ok

me and he--- not perfect but ok,

he and me--- not used much.

I and he--- I even didn't encounter this before.

Sorry for the edited post. Emotion: wink
So does it mean that in english we can't use "I and he are going out", "He and me" is not english and "me and he" is for informal/spoken english. Is that the rule?

Yes, don't use "I and he.."

"He and me" is very rarely used in English.

"Me and he" is not a perfect grammar. However, you can use this in spoken English.
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By the way, I hope you know the difference between subject and object position. What I wrote before goes for the subject positon. Rules change for the object positon.

Object position:

He and I ---- not perfect grammar but it can be used in informally.

"He and me" and "me and he" are both correct in this positon.

"I and he..." is unacceptable for both positions.

This is what I know. I told you everything I know. Emotion: smile
ok got it. you mean like this " he called me and he" and "he called he and me". Are those what you mean?
Anthon in your sentence, "he and I are going out" is subject positon because "he and I" is the subject of the sentence. Follow the rules for the subject positon for this sentence. Object position is an additioanl information for you. BUT, "I and he are going out" is always wrong no matter whether it is object or subject position.
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