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anonymous Hi, I need help to write resit appeal letter

We do not write letters for forum members. However, if you submit your own letter here on the Formal, General & Business Letter Writing forum, we will check it and comment on it.

Hello, I need a help to write an appeal letter for resitting the exam paper. Please help me!

Reason: I didn't managed to attend my exam. I was 30 minutes late. I had transportation problem so I couldn't reach to the campus on time.

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Hey I want you guys to help rewrite an appeal letter over my results, I'm not satisfied with the grade I was given in pediatrics osce part. So I want my paper to be remarked.
Hi please help me to write a letter to the university regarding re examination Oriya time for extension of the semester of course as I already cleared my final exams project and assessment 5 exams are pending which I got failed due to back to back examination I was not completely prepared for the examination procedure is the highest ratio the promotion able to complete my semester of course within time frame request you kindly extend my semester on MBA program so I can complete my degree MBA degree it is very need for because Visarjan for I lost my money as well as my dear friend please help me for extension and reattampt if I fail subject only I request to please allow me playtamil is exams because it's very very important for me

Hey can you help me to write a letter asking for resit instead of repeat

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Hellow guys i need help on how to write an appeal letter to nsfas asking them to fund you again after failling to obtain 50% pass requirements

Hey I need help with writing a hearing request letter to the Ohio real estate commission board can anyone HELP!

Hello guys i need you guys to help me write an appeal letter for my teacher to make me redo a school test.Urgently
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We will help you write a letter.

But you need to write a starting draft with all the information you wish to convey and post it in the "Letter writing forum" Do not attach your request to a stale thread.


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