hello there, i need you guys to teach me how to write an appeal letter for resitting the exam paper. urgent! i realy need the letter. somebody please help me! any sample letter?

What would you say if you were just talking directly to the person who makes the decision?

Write and post a draft of that, and we will help you with comments. OK?

Best wishes, Clive
I am writing this appeal letter to request your reconsideration of the decision made in my EGR165 result. I am a student under CFES program and my ID is I07006231. I hope you will reconsider to change my F grade to E grade. I really need to pass this EGR paper in order for me to continue my studies to degree level and I already completed all the subjects in my foundation program except EGR165. It is kind of sad when I got my EGR result and thinking about retaking the only subject for my next semester. To be honest, I was unprepared for the exam and lacked of doing exercises. I hope you can give me a chance to repent for my mistakes in my final examination. I am really sorry if I causing you any problems and all I can say is that it would not happen again in future.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

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This letter doesn't ask for the opportunity to re-take the exam; you are asking them to re-grade the exam you already did. Seems unlikely that they will. Most exams will have a formal appeal process but to ask for a re-grade you have to come up with a good reason why the original grade was unfair. They won't regrade just to do you a favour.
Dear Sir/Madame

I am writing to inform you of my interest to resit the portion of the MAP eaxm that I failed.

Prior to taking the exam i recieved a letter from the examiner indicating that I am allowed to take the exam over if I did not passed the first time.

It was also mentioned in the letter that, I am allowed to retake only the portion of the exam that I failed since the entire exam is divided into three section: Written, Skill Administration and Skill trancription. Unfortuntantely for me I did not passed the skill trancription.

Attached is the money order in the amount of $45.00 for the fees charge to retake the exam.

Thanks very much for your consideration.

Sincerely Yours



I need some help to write an appeal letter to the BON of nursing in my state to allow me to re-take the NCLEX. I have to address my plan and why I failed. Any sample letters?

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Plz help me of writing one letter to the principal for allowing me for the compartment exam