Hello guys!

I am from Kuwait, and I am applying for a UK tourist visa, but I'm stuck on this:
((Please provide additional information as part of your application))

I do not know what to write! Do you have any suggestions?
What about writing a small paragraph talking about my obsession with English culture?
I would prefer to write that I hold a Bachelor degree in English & Irish Literature and I'm heavily influenced by the English culture. Therefore I would love to apply for a UK visa to have a Culture Sightseeing, for example visiting the British Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, the National Gallery, etc...
I do not know how to put those words into a very well organized small paragraph; who can do this for me?
Thank you in advance!
Hello Kuwait,

Make an attempt at writing the paragraph yourself and then post it here for our corrections/suggestions.

You have certainly given enough context in your post for a nice paragraph on why you would like to visit the UK.