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Please tell me what is the correct usage?

I appreciate that you try.
I appreciate it that you try.

I love that you try.
I love it that you try.

Thank you a lot in advance! Emotion: smile
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My preference is usually to eliminate unnecessary words from my writing. The it in your sentences can be taken out without changing the meaning or making it confusing.

Love is a good word to express your feelings to someone you are close to who trys [to do something]. The word appreciate is fine for more formal use.

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You could say, I appreciate your trying,

or I appreciate your attempt, or I appreciate you trying for me..
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Yes I know that, thanks. Emotion: smile But what about the very sentences I wrote?
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Yes I agree, in those sentences the "it" was unnecessary, there are of course sentences where "it " is necessary also. Such as, I love it, or It was nice to see you. Where is it? but your sentence, "I appreciate it that you try", while understandable is awkward, try making your sentences as simple and straghtforward as possible, such as, "Thank you for trying".


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Well, specifically about your sentences, to me, none of them sounded completely natural, thats why we were suggesting other possible sentences..

I appreciate that you try.

I appreciate it that you try.

I love that you try.

I love it that you try.

estas son tus phrases, todos terminan en "that you try" que es la parte que es suena torpe en ingles, "trying" is better than "that you try", I appreciate your trying, or Thank you for trying, is most natural, to me at least.. If you want to add emphasis, Thank you very much for trying.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English mentions "appreciate that", but not "appreciate it that". However, it mentions "appreciate it if".

We appreciate that caring for children is an important job.
I'd appreciate it if you let me get on with my job.
(From Longman Dictionary)
Correct, "appreciate it" would usually be in the conditional form, such as " I would appreciate it if you would help"
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Thanks you all again. I appreciate your help! ^^
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