1. My boyfriend and I are going to the concert.
2. My boyfriend and me are going to the concert.

I KNOW #1 is correct. My friend says #2 is correct.

How do I explain to him that he is wrong? I know the error is incorrect pronoun usage.
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You're correct; the first one is the right one. You could easily tell him that if he removed "My boyfriend and," then you would have, "I [am] going to the concert." You definitely don't say "Me [am] going to the concert."
-My boyfriend is the subject in this sentence.
-I is also the subject in this sentence
-I is a subject pronoun ( I, you, he, she, it , we, you, they)
-Me is an object pronoun (me, you, him, her, it, us, you, them)

So if you have My boyfriend and ___ are going to the concert, you obviously need a subject pronoun. My boyfriend and I are going to the concert.
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Thanks for explaining subject and object pronouns. It's exactly what I need to win my bet!
My [girlfriend] and I are going to the concert.
Unfortunately many people say "My boyfriend and me are going to the concert." But they are not speaking grammatically.

If you are learning English, try and learn the correct way to speak.

My boyfriend is going to the concert. I am going to the concert. Therefore, my boyfriend and I are going to the concert.
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Thanx for telling us about this coz i'm always making the same mistake.
I think that #1 is correct ."My boyfriend" is a subject in the sentence; however, "me" is an object."And" is a coordinating conjunction so you should use the subject "I" instead of "me".
If more people use ' me ', maybe one day it will become universally accepted speech in this sentenceEmotion: smile

Another eg :

Who is there inside ?
It is me ( I )Emotion: smile
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