-Uh, Kendall, do we have an I.D. on the victim?

-Uh, driver's license says Mr. Jon Milton Reed.
School I.D. says he's the principal at Polk High.
It's not far from here.

-Yeah, I assumed as much from what his wife told us.

Yeah, I assumed as much from what his wife told us means

yes his wife said same things too?

His wife said something that led him to make this assumption.

Perhaps a woman called to report her husband was missing. She said his name was Jon Reed and he was the principal of Polk High School. She told them what he looked like and what was wearing the last time she saw him. She said he never changed his plans without letter her know.

Now, they see someone who has been the victim of an accident or crime. He matches the descrption and he's wearing those clothes. The person assumed that the victim was the person the wife reported missing.
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