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after some time I decided to translate another episode of Monk, just for fun. Could you please help me with probably some kind of US word pun, which M said to Natalie...Okay, context....Natalie is trying to convince Mr.M to visit a submarine where a friend of her friend was found dead.

Natalie: These boats {that submarine} are so big they don't even feel like boats. They're like islands. You've been on Islands before, right? You like Islands. It's like Hawaii. Think of it like that.
We're goin'to Hawaii.

M: I believe you are the devil.

{after this they go to that submarine}

Please what M said? Okay, you're the boss here? Oh, you must be the child of the devil that you convinced me to go there....? Is this phrase common in US?

Thanks in advance

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"You are so devilish" is about as strong as I would go in this case. In more serious situations, you could use the term "devil incarnate".
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Perfect, thanks Philip.
It isn't what you might call a common phrase, though it does represent a common situation.

As Mr Monk does not like any form of transport, especially airplanes because of the recycled air, and Natalie knows this, he feels that her demand that he flies to Hawaii and goes onboard a claustrophobic (fear of tight spaces) submarine is basically evil. He doesn't genuinely think that she is related to satan, being familiar with her family, but is implying that she has an evil side to her character. In terms of his relationship/friendship with Natalie, he is half joking and half stating why he is uncomfortable (although ultimately willing) doing this for her.

It is a 'tongue in cheek' comment, in this case using exaggeration for comic effect.

It's a great series, and I prefer Natalie to Sharona: she's a much more sympathetic character. Good luck with your translation and I hope your friends get a lot of fun out of the show because of your efforts.
Thanks for your additonal comment, Adrenochrome. Emotion: smile
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