Hi Guys,

please what does this IDIOM means ?? It is from the movie, where the CSI forensic is questioning the suspect...he said exactly:

Forensic: I was born at night, but not last night, okay?

I know you picked her up at 22:00......

thank you in advance...guys
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CalifJim, thanks for your correction and for the new idiom, really!Emotion: smile
simply means that "DON'T FOOL ME."
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you appear to be mixing idioms... "The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree refers to how much parent and off spring are alike
I believe it is a reference to the common phrase "I was not born yesterday," which means something along the lines of "I am not gullible" or "I won't fall for that."
It means don't mistake me for being stupid or naive.

The movie seems to have used it poorly. Most often a person will say it with no background knowledge of the events, and is more effectively used as a response to an outrageous attempt to fool someone. For example:

A daughter in a skimpy cocktail dress returns home at 3am and tells her dad she's been at the library all night. The dad is obviously going to know what's up.
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