The term (noun or adjective) used to describe a situation or something happening in the city or the world but most people don't know the reason behind and the truth is not yet known at the moment, and possibly not in the future.

For example, a celebrity suddenly disappeared in the city for quite some time and no one knows where he is, probably his spokesman may come out and give some explanation but it is not convincing, so everyone is guessing but no one knows... (it's just an example)

I've looked up for "Myth" and "Legend" but they are obviously not the case.


He did a disappearing act.





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Publicity stunt? Mystery?

I think a "Mystery" fits the description you provided. It's a noun. The adjective of it is "Mysterious". Like to say, "Mysterious disappearance". It's used a lot with unsolved cases.

Another adjective that comes to mind is "Ambiguous" like to say, "An ambiguous disappearance". "The case is still ambiguous."

If you meant that there was something "supernatural" behind the case, that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding, then you could use "Paranormal".

Anyway, "Mystery" fits them all.

alien abduction

go off the grid

do a D.B. Cooper


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