Hello there,

I've got a problem, it is really strange though. When i click "Chat" tab, i see nothing, and it means i can't chat with anyone. I tried to refresh the page, the same problem showed up. Finally i relogined,and this didn't helped me out either. I'm still unable to enter the chat box, because i don't see anything, it's blank... I can only see the tool box, like Home, Ask question and etc. I click HOME tab, i can see some posts and other stuff.

Any ideas? I tried everything, dunno why is that happening.
im facing the same problem Emotion: sad
How are you? Long time, no see.
I clicked Google Chrome, relogined and i could enter the chat box yesterday. Maybe you can try this out.
Hope it'll help u too.

Good luck.
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Hello guys. How are you? Try emptying your browser's cache. Maybe that will help.
thanks rimma and starstruck, I could access the chatroom thanks Emotion: smile
no problem :-)
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Go to chat room through EnglishForward , probably it's the only option to get access !! Emotion: hmm
You're welcome Sonia Lincoln.