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Chat is working for me. Have you seen this post ? If the suggestions there don't solve the problem, let us know which operating system/browser/browser extensions you are using, and describe exactly what happens when you try to use Chat. We'll try to figure it out from there.
I did that already, still not working
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Anonymous I did that already, still not working
Which steps did you try?
well, i tried to change the browser. first i was trying to log in from google chrom then i tried ie. i cleared cache also still nothing works
i dont have the chat box at alllll...
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i wanna attach a screenshot for what i have here'
Do you have third-party cookies blocked in your browser settings, or do you have a cookie blocker extension like Ghostery or Disconnect running?
i dont know, how can i know?
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guys thaaaaaaaaaank youuuuuu.. it worked. have no clue lol
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