Hello, I've a problem entering chat room, may be because i had been away for years. So I need to remember how it works. I tried to refresh the page many times but this was useless...
I am not even sure if the live chat is still available...
I will appreciate any kind of help.. thanks
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Maro86Hello, I've a problem entering the chat room, may be
The chat room has changed. You probably need to register again.
okay, I will try that. Thanks
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still not working
Have you verified your email address? No need to set up a different account, just re-register with the chat room.

Here are the instructions at https://www.EnglishForward.com/talk

You must have an account with www.EnglishForward.com to use the chat.

Please register BELOW by clicking "Set Name" for a chat account. Your chat account is not linked to your EF account.
I verified the email, and it is not working Emotion: sad
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i even updated my Adobe flash player, yet it is not working
i don't have this box, it doesn't appear. I have the yellow box then below it i have community
clear your browser cache, or try another browser.
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