Hello everyone. In the following conversation. What does the word"make" mean?

A: Come to my house this afternoon.
B:Oh, I can’t MAKE it today. How about Thursday afternoon.
A: That’s fine.

sunny123What does the word"make" mean?
Actually, the idiom includes "it". "make it" ~ do successfully (whatever the context suggests), often involving an arrival. The negative ("not make it") indicates failure, and it can also mean death.

The proposal already passed the Senate 36-13 and must make it through the House.
(must successfully pass the vote in the House)
Only one ferry was left to make it back to the mainland and get to the hospital.
(to travel back and successfully arrive at the mainland)
Car makers also road-test features in concept models that make it to production.
(that have succeeded in being chosen to go into production)
Tragically, he didn't make it through the operation we hoped would save his life.
(didn't successfully survive the operation; died)
So what does it take to make it to the top as a young person in today's world?
(to be one of the most successful in one's career)

"Make it" is the short form of the phrase "make it happen". So in your example, it means, "I can't come to your house"
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Ok, thank you Hamid.
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I cant make it today = I can not do successfully today.
I cant make it today = I can not do it successfully today.
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sunny123I cant make it today = I can not do successfully today.orI cant make it today = I can not do it successfully today.?
You're interpreting the definition too literally.

I can't make it today ~ I can't be there today. (I will have no success in arriving at your house at that time. There is a conflict with something else I have to do.)