I have been trying to get into the mod area. I have the flashing symbol telling me there are posts waiting for approval. I click on the symbol but nothing happens. I am using IE with the OS of windows 7 pro. I am on my notebook, as I'm out of the house so will update if the problem exists on my desktop also. Dave
Can you please clear your cache and see if it helps?
I have cleared it. Just waiting to see when a post comes in
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No. I still can't.I'll try again later on the desktop. The rest of the internet is behaving normally but this site isn't for me. I couldn't use the quote feature on this post and I tried closing IE and reloading. On both cases EF had a breif period saying that it wasn't responding as it was running long script. UPDATE: I have figured out a work around. If I right click rather than left click on the symbol and then left click the open link it works!
What version of IE do you use? Can you please see if this thing works in Firefox?
Don't worry about it Lana. The problem seems to be with my laptop as the desktop is fine. I think Vodafone has caused some problem as it hasn't be quite right since I uninstalled and re-installed the dongle drivers.

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