Hi, guys.
As you can see, it's the first post of Knowedge Hunter (not first post of mine though). The registration on this forum took much longer than I expected. But now all the problems are solved and here is my next (rather stupid) question ready for your strict but fair (and extremely helpful, I must say) answers.
I've learned that double negotation is impossible and unacceptable in English (there was even a topic about this on this forum)
but there is one case which still confuses me.
For example:
I can't see no gas.
Well the meaning is clear and it sounds OK to me, but don't "can't" and "no" mean that there is double negotation in this sentence.
Best wishes,
P.S. I'm still very far on my way to perfection so any corrections of my mistakes will be appreciated.
Hello, KH!

You're right, "I can't see no gas" is not gramatically correct, should be "I can't see any gas". Yet, such an expression is fresuent in slang or familiar language - song lyrics too -: "I can't see nobody", BGs...
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you misspelled "double negotiation."

you meant "double negation."