Who would you prefer to edit your writing: a non-native speaker of English who is a Professor of English at an Indian (or a Belgian) university, or a monolingual Brit or American who left school with no qualifications at the age of 15?
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<I'm not sure we need to be quite as deferential towards professors of English as the question suggests.>

The key words are non-native Professor of English.

<(Or quite as dismissive of monolingual 15-year-olds, for that matter.)>

The thing is, most people who have answered this question on other forums actually choose the early-leaver just because he/she is a native speaker.
<The fact that the native speaker is monolingual is not relevant though.>

Not relevant to...?
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<You seem to be fascinated with the skills of non-native speakers vs. native speakers of English, Milky.>

Well, "fascinated" is a rather emotive term, but, yes, it's part of my job to be so.

<So, I think I would prefer to have a formal interview with each, to assess their grammatical skills before choosing one over the other, and then choose the lesser of the two "evils". >

Good plan.
<Let's not forget that the professor may teach Shakespearean English, or Chaucer, or the poetry of the Brownings... with little affinity for current business English, rendering her an unsuitable choice for my writing. >

So would you choose the ex-15-year-old?
Not relevant to the question of whether they would make a good job of editing English. I don't see how speaking another language would assist with that.

I suppose the point of my rather long-winded reply is that you can't really judge who would be better just from the information given. I certainly wouldn't avoid someone just because they weren't a native speaker. But I also wouldn't avoid someone who, for whatever reason, dropped out of school but may have excellent English anyway.
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I'd go for the fifteen year old.

Most academics need their texts editing.
Proofreading something in English has something to do with teaching English to ESL leaners? If so, how?
If we interview the candidates, we surely change the hypothesis. We're asked to predict, not to ascertain.

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