I don't know how to identify which complement, attribute, adverbial. could you give me some examples?

For example:

If I am not busy tomorrow, I will play football with you.
If I am not busy tomorrow =adverbial of condition I=subject will= modal verb play=predicate football=adverbial with you=adverbial
He speaks English very well. He=subject speaks=predicate English =object very= adverb well =adverbial
The boy was praised for his bravery. the=qualifier boy=subject was=be verb praised=predicative for his bravery= adverbial of reason
I come specially to see you. I=subject come=intransitive verb specially=adverbial to see you=object or adverbial?
Having had a quarrel with his wife, he left home in a bad temper. having had a quarrel with his wife=adverbial He=jubject left=predicate home=object in a bad temper=adverbial
Reminded not to miss the flight at 15:20, the manager left for the airport in a hurry.
Reminded not to miss the flight at 15:30=adverbial of time the=qualifier manager= subject left=predicate for=??? the airport=object in a hurry adverbial.
Maybe I made a lot of mistakes. please help me teacher. thank you very much.

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