Lost in L.A

It was Friday afternoon and all I could think about is homecoming and reuniting with my friends. It had been two months since I last saw my best friend, Julie. We now live in and started a new a high school and quiet frankly I missing my friends and my old school. Ingrid said, “Daisy! What shirt do you think looks better the blue or the black one? “Um I don’t know try the blue one” Ingrid placed the shirt across her chest and stroke a pose “Oh no…no definitely try the black one” I replied. “Daisy and Ingrid come here” Ingrid and I rushed to my mom’s room laughing and giggling. “Daisy here’s my cell phone; make sure you call your father when you guys are ready to come home. Do not go anywhere else, once the school dance is over call Benjamin. He will be working at our old house so you wait until he is done. My Mother said, “Daisy, please makes sure to take care of Ingrid!” “Yes mother” I replied annoyingly.

Ingrid is only a year younger than me, it’s not that she can’t take care of her own self it’s that Ingrid has a very bad sense of direction and gets lots easily. “I call shot gun” yelled Ingrid. I sat in the back and put my make up.

An hour later we arrived to . Mother said to Me and Ingrid, “Make sure you guys call” then we both jumped out of the car. We entered the football field through the main gates and paid for our entrance and found a good spot for to sit on bleachers. “Julie! Juuliie!!! Ingrid and I yelled at the top of our lungs waving and jumping around so she would not miss us. Julie said,“AHHH!!! Oh my god you guys made it”. We all sat next to each other watching the football game.

Four hours later the game ended in shame because our team lost and the crowed headed to the quad for the homecoming dance. The music played deafeningly of the speakers and the crowed began to dance at the beat of the music. I was having a good time with Julie dancing and laughing. I was talking to all my friends exchanging phone numbers back and fourth and hopping from one friend to another. Now! Remember this is a homecoming dance, unless you were invited by a senior you were not allowed into the dance. With that said, Ingrid began to get bored and after three hours she became agitated and kept pleading to go home. Ingrid said to me, “That’s it Daisy! It’s and I’m tired and I want to go home.” I ignored her and kept dancing. “Whatever I’m leaving” said Ingrid.

Ingrid left upset without turning back. After ten minutes, I could hear my mother’s voice inside of brain. My mother would says, “Daisy what were you thinking! I told you to take care of your sister! You’re grounded!” Then I immediately began to panic I said my goodbye’s to my friends and ran off to get Ingrid, I grabbed the cell phone from my pocket and began dialing my father as I quickly paced back and fourth around the block trying to locate my sister. The cell phone died and I was unable to call out. I was very cold and I could see the fog under breath as exhaled. My insides began to twist up and I did not know what to do. Then suddenly it hit me that my mom said that my father would be working at our old house. “Damn that’s a thirty minute walk from here” I said to myself, “Oh well; hopefully Ingrid is smart enough and heads that way too.” I walked to our old house in a fast tempo. I arrived in twenty five minutes breathing heavily and nearly out of breath only to find out that my father was no longer there. My heart felt like it was about exploded and my stomach was all knotted up in a ball. I clenched my fist and began to cry “I hope, Ingrid is okay” I mumbled. I stood there for a second not knowing what to do. I said to myself, “Ok um ok I’ll go to the police office and have them call my mother, darn another thirty minute walk.”

Finally I arrived to the police station. There was an overweight woman with blonde curly her and an inch thick frames on her face behind the counter. “May I help you little one” in a very soft voice. I said, “Yes! I live in , and my sister and I got separated. I can’t find her” “Where your parents?” “My phone died and I can’t get of hold of them” I replied. I gave to police woman to my house phone, and she called my mother without hesitation. An hour later my mother arrived and asked if I was ok. “Yes mother” with a tear rolling off my cheek. I got in the car with my mother and drove around the city looking for Ingrid. “I’m so sorry mom” “it’s ok honey” my mom said to me as rubbed my head.

By five in the morning we were already tired; we parked on a Mc Donald’s parking lot and took a nap. Shortly after, we received a phone call from the police station letting us know that they found Ingrid and to return to the station. I stayed in the car as my mother jumped out to hug Ingrid. Ingrid got in and I didn’t look at her because I was filled with guilt. Turns out Ingrid were trying to get back to our old house but did not know how.

At that moment, I recognized that it was wrong of me for not listening to Ingrid when she asked me she wanted to go home, and for letting her walk out the dance. I let my friends get the best of me and let my sister down. Never again will I risk something happening to my sister.
At the very least, start EACH instance of dialogue with a new paragraph.

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