The layout of the has been changed twice since I joined it. It just came to my mind that I had important messages in 'Inbox folder' or 'PM folder'. I couldn't find those messages which were there before the redesigning of the website. What is this? This is not a responsible step on part of the site maintainer. Perhaps, someday all of my threads, which are very important to me, will just disappear...
Hi Jackson, actually the administrators had warned us all to save our PMs, which were going to get lost after the update, before doing the update. So I guess that you missed the thread because you've been offline for a long time.

I'm sorry, you haven't been lucky Emotion: sad
Hi Francesca,

At least they could have sent an e-mail to all the members who had the PM facility activated. Anyway, thanks for the information.
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The first time we warned about the PMs and the second update no PMs got removed... You could have let us know the first time because we could have recovered your PMs if you needed them but now it's just way too late, and like I said, this time none got removed.