Hi everyone! I need some suggestions about my essay. I know I still have some ESL errors, so I need help with my grammar and punctuation.This essay is really important to me because it is my Midterm exam(worth 100 points).According to my teacher this essay should contain:

1. A clearly identifiable thesis
2.A plan of development
3. Three or more supporting points.
4. Conclusion (I am still working on this)
Due Nov 1

Everyone has a right to an education

What does education mean? The word “education” is defined as the activities of educating, or instructing or teaching that imparts knowledge or skill. According to the Human Right Commission, the right to an education is the development of human potential to the enjoyment of the full range of human rights. Because of this, I personally believe that education is an open window to many good opportunities. Also, it should be a priority for governments to make education available and accessible to everyone.

Education is an open window to many opportunities, one of those opportunities; one of those opportunities is getting a good job. Education can get you into jobs of high level. For most people, salary is a key to make sure that you are receiving a total compensation for what you have done. The salary you will receive by a technician or professional job will represent a superior level of income in society. For example, a time ago, I watched on the television that a person who spent five years or more of his or her life in an educational institution will have more opportunities to get a job than one who did not.

Also, many people share responsibility for the realization of education; however, the primary obligation falls on governments to make it available. They have obligations to respect, provide and fulfill the right to an education. Governments must impart education from basic level to higher level. They should provide educational services and give more priority to instructing people. Schools in many poor countries are not likely to build up enough money for education, so in many cases the levels of education are low. However, countries that do have money fail to include education in their budgets. For example, in The United States the investments in education are low, especially in higher level of education. As a result, many students after graduating cannot afford two-year or four-year institutions such as colleges and universities.

Finally, a priority for governments is to make education accessible. Education should be accessible to every student of all backgrounds regardless of race, sex or religion. In order to make the right of education a reality, governments should provide more opportunities for people-such as low tuition- that will enable them to get an education. For example, it means that if a disabled student finds difficult the use of a service, then an educational institution has to make changes to the service.

I am still working in my conclusion. Do I am focus on the topic?

Thank you,

What is the focus of your essay? to assert our rights to a good education? Or to explain how we get there?

If it is a definition essay, then elaborate on the "rights" issue.
Hi! so Can I define the right to an education as a whole thing? like What does a right to an education mean?

thank you
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Your topic sounds more like a declaration to me.

Email your teacher your essay topic and ask if your "definition" is alright by him/her.
no. u r losing focus...
add what education mean to u...

n hope 4 d best!!