Tell me if this this sentence is correct or wrong:

I didn't had a crush on anybody!!

Tell me what is wrong about this senrence.
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I didn't have a crush on anybody!!

Thanx alot!!!

Can u plz tell me about Had,Have and Has!!!When and how do we use them.Emotion: smile
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I have ...

We have ...

They have... ( Plural subject in agreement with plural verb )

He has ...

She has ... ( Singular subject in agreement with singular verb )

" had " normally is used for something in the past when one thing is earlier than the other.

When I reached there yesterday, he had gone.
Thanx whl626 it helped alot!!Emotion: smile
I didn't HAVE a crush on anybody.

To make a sentence negative in the simple past, you need to have the auxiliary in the simple past and the verb in the infinitive without to.

The positive would be: I had a crush on him.
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thanx maj for the information!!
Had will not come here, only present tense should be used after din't. So the right sentence is I didn't have a crush on anybody.
Didn't he have a crush on you.is this a correct usage? ?
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