I have looked for it on the dictionary but no word seems to be right. I need to find the correct adjective to describe a person who likes to have everthing in the easiest way, who doesn´t like to "fight" to obtain what he wants.

I found on the dictionary "slacker" but it is more like "lazy" and I do not mean lazy!! This adjective should not have a negative meaning!! Strange is that I know this word in Czech but not in Italian therefore I can not find an equivalent in English.

Can somone help me please?


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Hi...its a good question but the problem is that you do not want to have adjective showing any negative meaning otherwise we could say Greedy Person...This is what i can suggest...

thanks but your suggestion is totally wrong.


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I don't think we have a word like that in English. Anyway, I can't think of one. I'll add to this post later if I think of something.

Dear CJ,

thanks. I am really surprised, once again we can not find a specific word, for what I mean. Last time I looked for a translation for a person who you know but it is not your friend and I was told "I know him by sight" and this time it seems there´s no specific word for what I mean :-)))

How would you describe this type of person in few words?

Any idea?? :-((


Have you considered using Google Translate or just a Czech to English dictionary?
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a person who you know but it is not your friend

acquaintance is the usual word for this.

Dear Malrey,

I am quite surprised you suggest to check the google translater. It usually gives the worst help in translations!!!! :-(((

I used czech dictionary www.seznam.cz (which is sometimes better than google translator)and found a word which I wrote in my first post. It was incorrect SO I asked for help.

I checked now google translator as per your suggestion and I found: "comfort" which is really wrong!!!!!

Believe that if I found a solution to my question on my own, I would not write here! Unfortunately I don´t have such good dictionaries.

To CJ: thank you! someone wrote that there is no concrete word for that, maybe it was not your answer but somoneone else wrote me this...I would have to check when I wrote this topic.



How about the adjective easygoing ?

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