I can't write poems, so I'd just kind of make arbitrary phrases to make my poem.

These eyes, when are they going to sleep
These wounds, when are they going to heal
Emotions, where do they collect to form a heap
Indifference, should they ever morph into zeal

Young, naive, and subordinate, as you've said
Inexperience, full of dreams, putting me down
Contempt, hatred, remember the color red
That's what shall flow when my enmities frown

...I'm sleepy, tomorrow again...
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I think you can write poems however you want! Poetic license!

Just do your best and use natural expression!
I will write here what I wrote on the cover of my recently published poetry book:
"Dear reader,
this volume was a surprise.

It says that we have to learn:
to use the Windows,
to hunt, to fish,
to see the colours,
to walk straight,
to wait for the tram,
to close the gate,
to give shots,
to plough, to harvest,
to feed babies,
to learn, forget,
to score a penaly,
to sleep in fresh snow.

Love and poetry just exist.
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I think the ending could be better.
How should it be written in real English?
What's the name of your poetry book?
Could u give os a sample of one your favorite poems, please?
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Enjoyed the read.
Liked the symbolic imagery "red" and personification "frowning emnities"
I also liked the shift of tone in the last stanza and the poem's enigmatic last line.
I wish I could make such beautiful thoughts as these. They are very nice and pleasant. Good for the mind and body. Thank you.
past messenger rna

transfer rna

star with aug

I join two amino acid methionine and phenylalanine

I continue until the ribose reaches

one of the three stop codon

I grow polypeptide chain
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