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Please look at the three sentences below.
[1] I don't like that he is with a woman.
[2] I don't like it that he is with a woman.
[3] I don't like it when he is with a woman.
Which sounds natural and which sounds unnatural to you?
If two or more sound natural, is there any difference in the sense and the usage?


[PS] I corrected a careless mistake in [3] after Mic's pointing out it.
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Thank you, MrP.
I guess the person talking would be a Emotion: boyfriend?
I had also imagined a Mama saying that about his 40-year-old son... who still lives at Mum's home, of course. Or a Jewish Mama (absolutely no offense intended to anyone)
Yes, the speaker would be a chap. Though we have to ask ourselves: why does he take it so personally? To my mind, he seems almost jealous.

Or yes, a 'Jewish mother'-type could use the phrase:

"I don't know. I don't like it when he's with that guinea pig. He's different, somehow..."

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Quite so. "He's completely plastered when he comes home to me".