hi everyone. pl help me with this following qn.

i know that when time is not mentioned in a sentence, we should use: "I have eaten already"
if time is mentioned we should use: " i ate at 10am already"

lets say that i'm saying :" i have eaten already, at around 10am."
is it wrong? or should i say: " i ate already at around 10am"?
Hi sunnybbcow, welcome to the Forums.

I ate already, at around 10am - is correct.
Because this is an English forum, we try to discourage texting abbreviations and encourage the full and correct spellings of all the words. For example,

Hi, everyone,
Please help me with the following question.
And I is always capitalized.
This gives a better example for the other forum members.
Thanks for your cooperation. Emotion: wink
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thanks! i've got it.
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