There are different types of crimes that did not exist before. Crime has become as complex as human nature. Modern technological advancement and tremendous progress in communication have facilitated criminals of every corner of the world to commit a crime using sophisticated equipment in one pace and then escape to another place. Currently, the world faces the grim problem of illicit drug trafficking, human trafficking, smuggling, hijacking, kidnapping and terrorism. In spite of vigorous and vehement national and international efforts towards combating such crime, it is quite disappointing to note that the crimes are rapidly growing in various forms. Crime has adversely affected the societies of both developed as well as developing countries by impairing the quality of life, threatening human rights and fundamental freedom and posing a serious challenge to the community.

No country has remained unaffected although the level and intensity of the problem might vary nation to nation. However, despite the difficulties involved in banning these crimes, the authorities have developed more effective solutions for combating them, mainly with the exchange of information between agencies and governments, in order to control criminality. On the other hand some countries have developed useful ways of preventing a crime such as developmental/risk crime prevention, predisposition to criminality, target risky areas such as the school and the family and those risk factors such as peer pressure, bullying and parenting. Furthermore is very important to reduce the opportunity for crime by putting into place some social activities like football and popular games. Finally, Community crime prevention which involves changing social conditions that sustain crime and seeks to develop the capacity of local social institutions in the community such as families, networks and clubs to reduce crime.

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