When someone is keep giving me fruit or food even though I keep saying I don't feel like to eat now and also saying that whenever I feel like to eat I will eat.

So I am just wondering what I should say in such a case. As far as I know, the very formal one is "No Thanks" (or "Can you leave me alone!" => This is very offensive though )

But if that situation keep on going, and I feel a little bit pressure, do you say "I feel a little bit pressure"?

Thanks in advance.
Just keep saying 'no thank you' -- 'really, no thank you'. They'll stop offering eventually.
You could say "don't pressure me" or "don't force me to". It's not polite but, if they are putting you under pressure, maybe they are also being rude or at least thoughtless.

For offers of food you can say "No thanks, I'm not hungry" or "Thanks, but later" or "Thanks, but I've just eaten / just had a drink".
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Thanks for the reply, Mr.MM.

I am actually trying to understand when to use "I feel a little bit pressure".

If there was a person(A) expressing his feelings keeping on saying "I love you", but the person(B) only would regard the person(A) as a friend, could the person B say "Please stop doing it. I feel a little bit pressure"?

Thanks again.
It's a little bit forward to admit the pressure or complain of it-- certainly not polite. But if you wish to use it, use 'I feel a little (bit) pressured'.

In your particular example, the unrequited love would have to be negotiated over more than a single sentence or two, I think.
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