i feel so bad that i cant speak english as well as other students....

i had been to U.S only few years but i found myself totally changed, my life has no joy, fun and hopes. i feel like i' was being isolated by other classmates because i ccant speak their language fluently, sometimes they making fun of my accent in my speaking. I was a chatterbox before came to U.S but right now people found me as a dumb... i hardly speak a word in english during the whole day except for chatting with friends in my own language. Although it 's disrespectful to speak the foreign language in school and several time i had been tried to stop this habit, it failed because it'was the only way that made me felt comfortable. nowwww, i feel extremly depressed about my future, i am so afraid to speak english and lack of confidence to speakwith people.....i try so hard to adjust into their world, and learning to speak as well as them,, like to speak it in a natural way......When each time i speak, i notice i am speaking the english in a too "proper" way,, not as fluent as they were in dialect...............

i feelllll soooooo baddddddd now...how can i speak it fluently as other people ............The isolation really hits me so bad that i dont wanna live anymore........
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hi anon bro or sis,

I just wanted to tell u this....for heaven's sake, English is just a language, not life.Excelling in a language doesn't mean a person is GREAT or something like that.Each and every person in this world is unique.And u will be great one day for ur own unique skills.Don't care about unecessary comments.Put in ur effort to the maximum extent and leave the rest to god.

Don't feel shy...speak the language in ur style....snap the people who laugh at you with ur attitude.Learn from ur mistakes.

I think u ought to read this:


PS:For getting correct accent, try watching TV SHOWS and practice them when u r alone[in front of mirror/simply].....or get film cds and practice them.........but I personally feel accent is not that much important if the listener is able to understand what we are saying .......bcos that is the sole purpose of a language,isn' t it????
And for ur information....I'm also a non-native speaker and am still trying to learn the language....
hi dear

whene i read you subject i feel so bad for you but you don't woried its not the ending of the world you can speake it better in the futur if you practice with the people and read a book for speak up so i want to hear your self wheen you read and lesten to music it's very important and you can bye a cds for english so this is my opinon

thnk you

and good luck
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I feel bad about my English too, but for the different reason. I do not mind to talk to other people in English and/or make friends. Like you I also like to talk, and I like to share my thoughts with other people. When we all have the same opinion, everything is great. However, when I have different opinions, everything becomes horrible. They would question my words, my commen sense, and my way of thinking. Sometimes I cannot express myself precisely in Enlish, and then they would picked on it becasue we were arguing. I felt so bad and frustrated. If I am doing something which highly requires English skill, they would question it too, especailly when the results were not as good as they thought.

I am really trying to be better too, but it seems like I can never get the same kind of respect as using my first language. Like you said, people do not understand your accent or whatever you are saying. I am so afraid of calling a customer service line, especially when I need to correct them something, even though they are wrong, they will show me attitude (does not happen all the time).

Anyway I am feeling bad too......
Hi Im from germany and moved to nz.
I don't like speaking in class because of my accent!
what can I do
plz help
P.S. Im even scared of going to school because of my accent.
Well, i know how that feels, being laughed at and so on. And really that kind of attitude you're expressing right now won't help you even a bit. You don't speak English - learn to speak English. That will take awhile, yea, but there is no other way. And about people making fun of you - don't get all depressed, people can feel it, people can see it. It's hard, i know, i've been through it. Just be a little more optimistic, and start doing something to solve your problems. Books, TV shows, listening music is a great way to learn a language i think. Some physical exercises is a good way to improve your mood.
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Hey I notice ur post and I just want to say this. Your accent have nothing to be ashamed of. You are you. You speak the way you speak. and if anybody laugh at it, don't get afraid or hide yourself, proudly say:" If you think you are better than me, try moving to another country you dip ***", or just don't say dip *** but only the rest. If they joke at it , just say:" Whatever losers". They pick on you because they think they are better than you, but by breaking out of your comfort zone and stand up to them, you prove that you are just as good as them, or even better (since you speak two languages and they're failing spanish class). I have to say that I'd been in this situation before, but I response to it quite...violent. I punched the guy right in the face because he was a major and biggest a**hole I ever seen. He pushed me around and even told me to "get lost and move back to China, ching chang chong". Damn I was maddddd, but I fought back his provocation, I was respected. And now he and I, well, we are sort of a best friend since I and him apologize to each other and we hung out quite a lot. So I just want to tell you, never be afraid of who you are, and personally, I think German accent is the coolest accent when it is speak in English. Sooooo, fight on and live well. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
So lucky that I found your post. I am currently in the same situation. This is my first semester in a US University and I found everything is so horrible. My professor requires students to talk and participate a lot in class to get credit. And I couldn't open my mouth to give a single opinion while most of classmates raising their hands and participating all the time. Sometimes I felt like they looking at me like I am an alien from Mars. I mean my classmates, they are all native English speakers and most of them are girls. One time I was in discussing group with 2 others and they kept talking to each other like I was not there. Even I said something, they ignored me. I don't want to be this "shy" person. It is not really me.
I'm so sorry you are having this problem.
Does the university offer any special English classes, or any other form of support for people in your situation?

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