Please check my writing. Thanks a lot!!

I am exited now about buying a new home after having rented apartments for many years. The whole process of buying it is not completely settled yet because I am still negotiating the price with the dealer with the construction firm. This guy told me since the price he offered to me couldn't be accepted by both of us, he needed to ask his manager to get it lowered a bit more so their bottom line and mine can meet eventually. Actually I can tell you now that our agreement to the final price is only one-hundred thousand NT/ 3500 US dollars apart, which means just a jump from the touch down. I think even if they insist on their price, I still will pay for that higher amount because I really love that place. I have already paid ten thousand NT dollars so far as a deposit for price negotiation fee to make sure no one would be able to bid for that place before I give up. Hopefully by next Monday the deal will have been done, and what I have to do afterwords will be such things as checking the place wall to wall to make sure its condition is totally sound. And next if everything on the check list is all right, I will have to start giving the down payment. Some association fees may also be charged to me by the way. And applying for home loan from the bank is a must-do as well, or I will not have enough money to buy it. In any case, it will take a long time to get everything done, including buying new furniture, room decorations, moving, and much much more. I assume the end of May or early June is a probable moment for a wrap up.
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