Hello every body this question goes to all teachers and English language experts here.

I am English language learner since 2 years, I have studied in three English institutes, I can understand 50% of what has been said in CNN TV and BBC TV and NPR (National Public Radio) but not all of what they are saying. I think I am upper intermediate level.

I am living in Saudi Arabia, which there are few native English speakers it is hardly to find them easily.

My question is what is the best I want to improve my English speaking; I want to be fluent English speaker? How can I achieve this goal? What is the best ways? What do you recommend?

I really need your suggestions my friends.

I highly appreciate every single advice.

Yours truly

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Hi S3odi, welcome to the forums..

Films! Films! Films! Rent a dvd, use English subtitles and keep a dictionary near by..
Or visit a language school like Elanguest, English School Malta
Yes, English subtitles. Excellent suggestion, Hitch!!
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I totally agree with you, Hitch.
Over here (Malta) most people have learnt Italian from Rai (Popular tv channel) in much the same way. Personally, if I had to learn a new language, that's the way I'd go about it.
Hitchhiker Orpheus and Maj,

Thank you a lot, I really don’t know that watching subtitles films is good way to develop my English speaking. You know why I heard this fact from English teachers here, they used to say to us do not watch subtitles films at all it is not good way, because your attention will be focused in the writing at the bottom of the screen and you’ll lost the dialogue between people in the films and you’ll lost the speaking.

Hitchhiker these are two kinds of subtitles films:

1. The conversations on film by English and the translation (subtitles) in the bottom of the screen are written by my won language. In this case don’t you think the listener is going to concentrate in his won language which written at the bottom of screen? Maybe I am mistaken, I am just asking, I haven’t been through this experience before.

2. The conversations on film by my won language and the writing in the bottom of screen by English.

I think you meant the first one definitely, didn’t you?

Best wishes,

Saudi is still need more tips leading to be fluent English speaker.

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More tips? The next tips are extracted from my endeavors.

Be immersed in the language as much as possible, what means, to take absolutely all opportunities to practise, I think all parts of the study help to the other parts, I mean,

-by reading here you are incorporating (probably) new vocabulary, check the pronuntation of the new words with a voice dictionary or in this section of EF, listen to them repeatedly, till the words are comfortable installed in your dendrites

-use the new words with teachers, friends, if you have some bilingual friend, don't doubt to persecute him/her frequently to practise (to some extent of course, I almost lose a good friend for insisting too much)

-listen to English continually, I do while driving (tapes), while doing whatever activity that doesn't need all my brain attention, tidying the room, cooking (are you good cook?), enjoying the landscape, walking (tapes)

-never watch movies in your language, seek for original version

-read in English but select what includes the themes that you like or are interested in, if the theme doesn't attracts you, forget it

-attend conversation classes just with native teachers

-persuade family and friends to practise with you

-observe the lips and mouth, even the tongue Emotion: stick out tongue of the natives while listening to them, there you'll find tips for pronuntation

-talk in front of a mirror and imitate them

-record your voice on the computer, like a lecture or whatever, but talk

-this last I understand is not always available, but it is the quickest way to achieve the goal: to travel to English speaking countries and be sorrounded by natives, forget your language-mates there if there are some, you can talk to them back to your country.

if I forgot something I'll come back to say it. Good luck.
Elena thank you so much for writing these great tips, I am really thankful for you. I might come back again to add some comment about them.

Hichhiker you said (Hi Saudi, welcome to the forums..

Films! Films! Films! Rent a dvd, use English subtitles and keep a dictionary near by..)

Ok, Films! Films! Films! Rent a dvd means watch lots of movies BUT what do you mean by ( use English subtitles and keep a dictionary near by) I really did not get you would you explain it more please?
Hi again

Hichhicker sorry I meant, what do you mean by saying use English subtitles and keep a dictionary near by.. would explain please?


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