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I don't see why anyone should disapprove because it's none of their business! And why should they tolerate that? They're not harming anybody, they just want to live their lives and be happy like everyone else.

David, it might not be completely genetical, but it certainly isn't a choice. Just ask any gay person. That should be enough proof. I'm sure many have at some point wished they were straight because life would have been so much easier if they were.
Hi Henrietta.
Those are my sentiments as well.
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Wow....well to be honest i've never seen so much misunderstanding ever...Emotion: tongue tied

Almost EVERYBODY (AND I MEAN EVERYBODY) is confused about this subject.....


...and you know what? Im proud of that....and i feel it is my duty to tell you all whats what (sorry if i sound patronizing) ... but on the previous page, Za-Zen is the only one who i agree with...no where shall i start...

"i found that gay is very popular in Europ.i want to how percent people are gays.and someting about gay."

My Reply:
Being gay isn't a thing....so you can't randomly wake up and say "oh ill be gay today" therefore it cannot be popular out of choice....and to answer your question....roughly 1 in 10 people are gay in Europe...

"i think that i won't support them, but also i won't reject them. i thought that it's their own choice, and we shouldn'd comment on them. and their sex choice maybe different from the common people, but we shouldn't biase them,right?
and i must say that they should still pay attention to the dangerous disease: AIDS, i hope they can have a happy life , but they should also pay attention to the health first.

My Reply:
1) Its not my choice I became gay...whether you think its a choice or not...it ISNT!
2) Common people? Gay people are just as normal or common as straight people
3) AIDS. This ISNT a gay disease. Please read what Za-Zen said on the previous page regarding this

"But there is a right and wrong way to choose.
I am not phobia about homo, but I strongly believe gay are not the best way to live."

My Reply:
Hey, thats your opinion...if you ask many gay people, the chances are that they will say that they prefer being gay than straight....and i for one prefer being gay than straight anyday of the week...(and i've we've all been both!)

"I'd like to know why Gay people behave as heterosexuals. i.e. A masculine and a feminine!"

My Reply:
Well...we dont...! GENERALLY, many gay guys act iffeminatly....and GENERALLY many gay girls act masculine...mainly due to the reasoning that we believe that we have too many female or male hormones....but THIS IS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE! Many gay guys act masculine, and many gay girls act feminine. What you have to remember is that being gay doesnt suddenly mean you act like something or someone, but we are ALL human, so we will ALL be human in our personalities and characteristics...so theres no certain way we inparticular behave at all.

"Gay is in fashion right now"

My Reply:
Yeah at one point (when Britney/Christina & Madonna kissed) being gay (moreso ***) was in fashion....but i see that as pretty pathetic because you cant 'choose' your sexuality...so anyone who does 'choose' to be gay, i have no respect for lol

"well some peopel like to beat each other up when they are having sex..some people like to molest children..etc...some people become heroin addicts..
they dont choose to be that way....but does that stop it from ebing wrong??? "

My Reply:
Excuse me? How dare you compare us to heroine addicts or child molesters! And no being gay isnt wrong...never has been...never will be...

"people become gay because of certain evils that create the condition for someone to be gay..evil creates greater evil.......like women who are abused by men..or who have fathers who were abusive to theirs mothers...etc....create lesbians..overbearing mothers..create gay men..thats a simplified explanation..but all the gay peole i know..have that kind of history..
so if you dont want gay children...be careful how youre treat your children...hehe"

My Reply:
How dare you compare us to evil! We are not evil....we are like you, your best friend, your neigbour, your aunt....anyone! WE ARE NO DIFFERENT FROM STRAIGHT PEOPLE! And treating your children? I was brought up fine....so were my friends who are gay etc etc it has NOTHING to do with parenting skills so i am insulted you would bring it to that.

"you just have to look at nature..."

My Reply:
Yeah ok lets look at nature now...oh by the way...did you hear about those german gay penguins in that zoo the other week? No..? Well thats nature...animals can be gay too you know...if you're interested take a look at this article:


And yeah the fact they're trying to get them to 'turn' straight (which is impossible) is because they need to reproduce because theyre endangered...

(Follow up article: http://www.jrn.columbia.edu/studentwork/cns/2002-06-10/591.asp)

"yin and yang...that everything is created.....gay peole are running against the current of nature..the way things are....
yang with yang= death"

My Reply:
So that means that all gays as destined to be dead, and all straights are desitned to have eternal life? No...think about it...!

"they are famous about abusing children..."

My Reply:
Oh comon are you REALLY going to believe that rubbish? Get your facts straight and THEN come and tell me that thats the case....because it isnt!

"if it was up to them, we'd be all gays..."

My reply:
No not neccessarily...i wouldnt wish for everyone to be gay because it would go against THEIR attractions....my personal attractions are towards men, hence im gay.

"I think some gay people can't bear the thought that many, probably most, other people do not approve of their bedroom activities."

My Reply:
No....i think you'll find many gay people dont care what other people think of their sex lives...its not the ultimate sin to make love between two consenting adults who love each other...gay or straight so why would we care if people didnt "approve" of our "activities"

"I'm sure many have at some point wished they were straight because life would have been so much easier if they were."

My Reply:
(By the way i agree with everything you put in that post) But yeah of course we do....think about it...we go through massess of homophobia and rejection in our everyday lives...and it DOES effect our everyday living...so yeah on that streak, one wishes that would want to be straight because you dont have that! Also, straights can easily have children and build a family....but apart from that....im 100% proud and happy to be gay! And adoption is an option for us to build families so wooEmotion: smile

Well thats it...i really hope you all read this because i hope that now you have a broader picture of everything....

God bless,

GuestEmotion: smile
Well well well how strong you must feel about this and I respect that. Also, I've found it kinda sad to see people are afraid of differences-- we, humans, just have to be afraid of anything different than the "norms." When will people learn a different thing doesn't always mean a bad thing??????..... Emotion: rolleyes
Hey its me again! Yeah i do feel strongly about it...well naturally because im gay myself lol and i agree with you...i hate it when people think that anything "different" shouldnt be accepted...its annoying lol! but c'est la vie i suppose...

(and im so glad you put "norms." in inverted commas coz i have a go at people that dont sheerly because they think that gay/bi/*** isnt normal in comparative to being straight so thank you Emotion: stick out tongue)

Guest againEmotion: smile

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Yep, I know exactly how you feel because I used to make a topic about banning gay marriages in another forum. I asked those people what they thought about it and it was justified to them or not. The topic was more about politics than religions since I posted that after reading a news about Bush administration was trying to ban gay marriages. Surprisingly, there were a lot of negative posts from Asia such as the Philippines and Vietnam, and the east coast of the US. Some of the posts even compared gay marriages to child molestation, pedeophiles, incestous deviants, beastiality, etc...Believe me, I got so mad because those examples were unethical to me compared to gay marriages, which were not at all to me and still are not up to this day. But what can I do since this world has too many blunt people...... Emotion: rolleyes
(hey its me again) and yeah i agree....but thats life i suppose...sad but true...

Guest ***
I was once a ***, born in a very big family and never been showed as much love as my lover showed me.

She is totally different from me. Her life is almost perfect. Loving parents and sister, money, good looks, brains, everything..

We fell in love when we were 15. It was true love, and my first love and I reckon her first love too.

I agree that homosexuality is not a choice, but we knew it was wrong. I nearly went insane as I thought I can never get over her. There were a lot of tears and sleepless nights. But I keep believing that it was wrong to have that kind of relationship.

After finishing school, we went on separate ways but still kept in touch with each other. I tried very hard to abstain myself, for a few months, after which I gave her a call. Bad news, she's got a boyfriend. It really broke my heart.

She kept telling me she still loved me though, and I believed her, but actually it didn't really matter, as, you know, I would still love her no matter what.

We started seeing each other again after that and I could feel that the love was still strong. We never had sex, nor even kissed, as, like I have said, we knew it was wrong, and we were strong enough to abstain ourselves. But it was really hard to deny our feelings.

I went abroad to study at 20, and still kept in touch with her for few months. I tried very hard to be stronger, and kept telling myself that lesbianism is wrong, which then really strenghtened my inner being. i managed to stop contacting her and later on felt that I was slowly regaining control of myself.

The truth is, now I am 22 and completely free from her and lesbianism. It feels really good to win in this test of life. It was a struggle, and took me 7 years to win.

I am finishing off my studies now, and hope to get married to a good man afterwards.

My belief: homosexuality is not a choice but rather is a test(and not everybody is facing this same test), to see if we are able to judge what is right and what is wrong, to judge what's the best thing for us, and then to follow the judgement, not our desires. it might not be as easy for everybody else as it had been for me, but i think the first step is to want to be better. we have only one life and i believe everybody want it be the best life lived.

pray hard for guidance, in this case, ask the question:is homosexuality right or wrong?

say what is truth to yourself. if 1+1 is 2, then say to yourself it is 2, even though you really like it to be 3 or 4 or 5.again, pray hard for guidance and help.there is somebody listening to your heart, who knows that you really want to be a better person.

I am not saying that I am living "happily ever after" I am done with lesbianism, because I believe that life is a struggle and full of tests..after winning or failing one, another is coming.
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First to make one thing clear before I'm about to post something to the post above mine: I am not a *** and I have always been straight for all my life; therefore, I don't have any intention to change my sexual preference either. Now back to discuss about your post, Guest.

Quoted you,
1. "I agree that homosexuality is not a choice, but we knew it was wrong."
2. "We never had sex, nor even kissed, as, like I have said, we knew it was wrong,..."
3. "I tried very hard to be stronger, and kept telling myself that lesbianism is wrong..."
4. "My belief: homosexuality is not a choice but rather is a test(and not everybody is facing this same test), to see if we are able to judge what is right and what is wrong,.."
5. "pray hard for guidance, in this case, ask the question:is homosexuality right or wrong?"
For one simple post, but you, five times, have used "wrong" to justify your action and the meaning of homosexuality or human's behaviors in general. I wonder if you were born a *** and you had no choice or you were not born a ***, but you had your interests in another woman. Either what the answer would be, your post still has a hidden message of judgements about homosexuality to me. You cared about what others think and how much you wanted to live within the "norms" so bad that you had an idea of what you were choosing were wrong. I wonder how it would be wrong when you said you LOVED that woman. So, a question for you, was it really love when you found it wrong? Was it really love when you thought you loved someone was wrong? Was it really love when you thought you could not love someone JUST because you both had the same gender? You'd stopped loving her because you both had the same gender and you thought it would be the right way?
Tell me, who can define love to know what would be right and wrong when two people are in love? Who can say their love is just? Just because a woman and a man are in love, their love is just? In another words, their love is not wrong as you would call it????
Emotion: rolleyes This is sad, you've shamed not only yourself, but you've also stepped on homosexual people who think their love is real. I pity you, I really do, from the bottom of my heart.
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