i found that gay is very popular in Europ.i want to how percent people are gays.and someting about gay.i am writting a discourse about it if you can help me send me mail or addy me msn :
thanks,my be we can become good friend
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As I grow older and older,
and creep towards the tomb,
The less I find I care,
who goes to bed with whom!
He vows from time to time,to start a better life.
But when the night comes with its own advice,
its compromises,and its promises;
but when the night comes with its hold upon
the lusting, craving body, he is lost again,
returning to the same, inevitable joy.

K. Kavafis
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Guest what are you keen to know about ? I imagine they are human with good and bad traits like everyone else in this world. Are you perhaps trying to find out what we think of their sexual choices? I think you should ask yourself what you think.
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i think that i won't support them, but also i won't reject them. i thought that it's their own choice, and we shouldn'd comment on them. and their sex choice maybe different from the common people, but we shouldn't biase them,right?
and i must say that they should still pay attention to the dangerous disease: AIDS, i hope they can have a happy life , but they should also pay attention to the health first.
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It's an old fashioned notion that gays are responsible for or are at higher risk of getting AIDS. Straight people have just as much chance of getting it as gay people do. Maybe you should research a topic and get your facts straight before spreading rumours like that further.
Hi David,

I know they are human with good and bad traits like everyone else.
I know somepeople say it is freedom.
But I do believe we are living in the world with manners.
I accept them as human, but I cannot accept their attitudes.

Would you please stop doing anything, and think about this:
If that happens to your children, can you accept that?
I do not understand what manners has to do with sexuality? Can you explain what you meant by this please?

And for your final question, did you mean, 'Would you object if your child turned out to be homosexual?' I for one wouldn't care. As long as he is happy and finds someone to love and be loved by that is enough for me.
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