It’s easier to me to understand a sentence like “I had my hair cut” than these:
1) “I had my bottle been completely filled of wine”
2) “I had my wife completely filled my bottle of wine”
I’ve just read. Are they correct? Could somebody help me?
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Hi, Eladio.

Well, before answering your question, I'd like to have you find a garbage can in which to throw the source you got the examples from.

My corrections are:
1) “I had my bottle completely filled with wine.”
2) “I had my wife completely fill my bottle with wine.”
How about "glass" instead of "bottle?"

In addition, try to say, "It's easier for me to understand...."
could u pls explain it in detail?
thanks a lot!
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Hi. Wecome to this forum, yuhan.

Let me focus on the causative verb 'have.' Here, 'have' means 'to cause someone/something to do/be done.' Thus, it is called a causative verb.

Normally, it is used either in the [have X(object) V ...] structure
or in the [have Y(object) p.p.] pattern.

[have X(object) V...]
The relationship between X and V: active
Note: You need to focus on the relationship only between X and V.
ex)I had Tom wash my car. --(Tom washes my car.)

[have Y(object) p.p.]
The relationship between Y and p.p.: passive
Note: You need to focus on the relationship only between Y and p.p.
ex) I had my car washed (by Tom).--(My car is washed)

I hope this helps you better understand the usage of 'have.'

Would you try the following yourself?
1. Susan usually has her brother (help/helped) her do her math assignments.
2. We had the clerk (deliver/delivered) what we had ordered.
3. When her roof began to leak, she had it (fix/fixed) immediately.
4. I sensed that my car had a mechanical glitch, so I had it (check/checked) at the next stop.

Good luck, yuhan.
the source you got the examples from.

My guess is the husband, just after he'd emptied the bottle the wife had completely filled with wine.

Ah, now I seem to understand why. He has probably drunk up to his gills--too shnockered to make correct utterances, justifying the messiness of his statements.

Well, that said, I reflect on myself. "What's wrong with me then?" I ask myself.
My sentences written in a state of total sobriety often fail to satisfy me, a cold and harsh reminder that I still have a long way to go.
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thanks a lot!
it's clear
... a cold and harsh reminder that I still have a long way to go.

Ahhhh, but how far you have come, komountain !! By all indications, the car, she is built and purring smoothly; now you only need to wash and polish her occasionally and do regular maintenance.
I read those sentences (The source I got the examples) from: Short English Stories; by Sullivan Edgar, Boca Raton Print Co., Florida, 1996, page 57. Are you satisfied now MrPedantic? I think it may be rude to show the sources we take our "difficulties" from. It's just my point of view! And thank everybody for your comments.
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