Chloe: Lois.

Clark: Lois is fine. l'm guessing you know that bettet than everyone.

She showed me her stab wound.
The one that didn't leave a scratch?

Chloe: That's funny. l thought l had
the market on resurrections
(she takes the cake?)today.
Clark: Lois said Lex's guys may have done
something to you when you were out.
You wanna tell me what happened?

Chloe: As much as l would love to contribute to Lois' story (corroborate?)
l was busy being unconscious.
have the market on something = be just about the only one selling the product, a sort of monopoly (here, used figuratively).

I think contribute is just what the word implies: = add to (not necessarily verify what has already been told
Thanks, Philip!