Hi guys,

may I ask you for help with one situation from Mr.Monk? Mr.Monk is speaking with woman who asked him for help. She told him that her husband is going to kill her. He is a chess player and murdering her is gonna make him fortune, because he's taken out a $10 million insurance policy on her life...What a perfect situation!..:-)...Ok here is the thing...

Woman: When he left this morning, the way he kissed me, it was different. You know, the way he smiled. It's definitely coming.
Natalie Teeger: Where is he now?

Mr.Monk: He's playing a tournament in Vancouver. I've been following it.

Woman: That's right. He's in canada until tuesday.

Please what is an exact intepretation of the sentence "I've been following it"....Is Mr.Monk saying...

a) He's playing a tournament in Vancouver. You know, I'm interested in chess playing, that's why I know it.

b) He's playing a tournament in Vancouver. You know, I've been reading about it in a newspapers....Or I've been watching that tournament in TV?

Please what option is correct? There was no other context.

thank you in advance!

Best Regards

Hi, JCD.

To me it sounds like he's been tracking the events of that tournament, interested in it — generally speaking.
Hi Anton,

You're probably right....I never heard "I've been following <some event>", it's a new thing for me....But it probably means, like you said, I've been watching events at that tournament.


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It's quite common when one wants to express their confusion at someone's complicated and long reasoning. "Hey, stop! I don't follow you!"
Katching! ..:-)

Yeah, you're right!. I heard this phrase before...I this case, I just didn't know if he wanted to express that he's interested in chess tournaments generally. Or if he just wanted to say that he read about that chess tournament in newspapers, but he didn't consider that as important at that moment...:-)

He means he has been paying attention to it.

Last week, I followed the progress of Hurricane Gustav. If anyone had said "Hey, I think Gustav might hit near New Orleans," I would have been able to respond, "I know. I've been following it."
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Perfect...Thanks to both of you...[Y]...I got it.