1. some critics maintain __________ the mystery novel is a symbolic ritual of guilt and retribution.

which word come in blank space 1. is that 2. that there is 3. it is 4. that

2. while play is important at all levels of human developmet _________ takes on particular significance when chidren are five and six years old.

which word come in blank space 1. it 2. and 3. which

3. the leopard seal is the only pinnipd_____ preys on penguins and other seals
1. that normally 2. of which it normally 3. normally 4. that it normally

find out which word wrong in this sentence

2 Observabe comets are occasionaly attracted toward, the inner solar system by tthe fields gravitational of nearby stars and giant moleculer cloud

3. Flash photography is widely used for taking pictures when the natural ight is insuffiecient, such as outdoors at night and most ot time.

4. The starks, boxy forms of european modernis archiectural dominated united states ciyscpesin the building boom following the second world wars.
1) 4

2) 1

3) 1

Which word is wrong...

2) 'fields' and 'gravitational' should read the other way round.

3) 'the natural light' take off 'the'..... natural light.

4) sorry but I really can't understand the sentence!

Hope I've been of a little help!