What should we use in the following sentence? In or on?

I have never flown ___ a plane.

I just wanted to add to this old thread that "without" would also work well in the original blank.

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I have never flown On a plane. Emotion: smile

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Either preposition is possible.

Or you could use no preposition, and still have a sentence that makes sense.Emotion: smile


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That's new ¡¡
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Tinker Val, I was wondering why many of your posts contain "ii" -- does it mean something?
Hi Khoff ,sometimes i use them to show surprise about something even though i know that i shouldn't use them frequently and never more than one, somethimes it slipped my mind others i just i can't resist to put at least one of them,i know its not correct.Emotion: smile
Okay, thanks for the explanation. Sorry for repeating the question in another thread -- I hadn't noticed your answer in this thread yet. So, you're using lower-case i's sort of like exclamation points? I guess they do look a bit like upside-down exclamation points. Of course you're welcome to make up your own symbols if you like, but I don't think anyone would realize that they are supposed to express surprise.
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Khoff , yes,some of them express surprise (that's new to me ¡ ) and other just because as i said i can't resist to put at least one of them even tough i know that they are not correct, anyway thanks to make me notice it.
Byebye Emotion: smile
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