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is anyone else doing the online tefl course with i-i? because i am up to module 8 part 3 - where you're given an article and have to answer questions about it - and i am so stuck! i have been trying to do it for ages but am having no luck Emotion: sad so wondered if anyone else is doing it and could possibly give me some much needed help please? Emotion: big smile

thank you!


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Hi Natalie. I remember struggling with module 8 of the course, too. If you think about teaching the new vocabulary in the text and then think about what concept questions you could ask the students, then you're on the right track!
okey dokey, thank you! Emotion: big smile


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Well, I've obviously found your message 2months too late! - and I don't understand why it was where I found it! if you know what I mean. Anyway I must have been on that module around that time as I finished the course about a month ago and now getting ready to go to Madagascar. However, if you haven't yet finished the course you could get back to me. If you have lots of good luck
I am totally stuck here too, please please please can someone help!!
Could anyone help me with Module 8 Task 3? I'm really struggling and would really appreciate any ideas or help! email me if you want on (personal contact removed. Please add it in your profile only)
Really need to finish this as my course expires soon!

Thanks soo much!

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You personal tutor should be able to help you with your coursework. The ICAL courses, for example, are based on two main components: the modules and the tutor's guidance. Your tutor is an integral part of the course and is there exactly to help you with any problems you might find through the course.