Hi to everyone,

I am a Slovene student of translation and I had to do a translation from Slovene to English for one of my assignments. As my work is going to be assessed by a native speaker (American) professor, I would be really grateful if any native speaker could check a sentence for me.

I had to translate an article on some events connected to the late Pope's funeral. As I tried to translate one of the sentences, I came up with something like this:

"A day of mourning practically consists of cancelling all of the cultural, sports and entertaining events, which are planned for that day, and appropriately adjusting radio and television programmes."

I don't think this sounds English at all, but I really do not know how to better it. Any suggestions would do great. I feel particularly insecure about the "entertaining events" and the "appropriately adjusting" part of the sentence. I am also unsure that "practically" fits there at all.

Thank you,

"A national day of mourning such as this completely takes over the media. All planned programmes are cancelled, including cultural programmes, sports and entertainment. All television and radio prgrammes are revised accordingly"
Thank you very much for your help.

Best wishes,