The table illustrates the quantity of cars made in three different countries namely Argentina, Australia and Thailand between 2003 and 2009. Overall, it is easy to be seen that the rate of Argentina was experienced an increase, while Australia’ ratio declined significantly and Thailand’ data fluctuated over the period.

Looking at the table in more details, 235 thousand was seen in the data on Argentina in 2003, which was followed by a steady growth to 466 thousand after 6 years. Whereas, the rate of Australia accounted for about 452 thousand in the starting year, and it fell dramatically to 341 thousand in 2005 before going down sharply to 245 thousand in the final year.

The ratio of Thailand was 735 thousand in 2003, and it witnessed a significant rise to one million in the following 2 years, which was also the highest figure compared to other nations. Finally, the figure for Thailand declined slightly to nearly 999 thousand in 2009.( 160 words)


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