im going to london in summer 2006 , which is about 8 month from now.

and when il get there i want to have a great accent .

help me ...
One word: don't. It will only end up sounding like garbled mockney. What do you think is going to happen then? We'll still know your american, you'll just look like an idiot.

London is very forgiving to tourists, believe, i live here. Just stay the way you are, you'll be fine.

Plus, english lads/girls are fascinated by american guys/gals...
Whether you can speak a foreign language without an accent (that is an accent foreign to that language) is almost a question of luck. Few people are able to speak a foreign language without an accent. Of course you can learn to pronounce the words properly, but that is not the same thing. It is a bit like playing the piano - some people do it badly no matter how much they practice, some people get better with practice, some do it very well, but only a few do it well enough to do it for a living! Speaking a language is part of your experience of life. If you did not speak a language as a child that part can never be made up. Do not worry if you do not speak English like a native. The best way to improve all aspects of your English is not to worry too much about it. If you try too hard you will be frustrated. Learning a language is a mysterious process. Relax and let it wash over you. Just enjoy your time in England and speak as much as you can. When you get back to wherever you live you will have learned a lot without knowing how.
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can anyone help me I must do an English presentation about bImingham and I say some thing about the Brummie accent !

now I need a listening example do anyone know a site with a soundfile with the brummie accent
hi, my advice is to listen and watch british shows, news on the "telly" Emotion: stick out tongue, and radio online (www.bbc.co.uk ) They have an extensive array of radio shows for every tastes. Any media you can find. Learning the phonetic of their speech is especially helpful. This was the way i started when I was learning to speak english, television and the news.Took some time, but it was really worth it .Hope you achieve your goal, Emotion: smile
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I am very talented with accents, but I have had to accept the fact that I am getting older and the ability to imitate an accent is diminishing. I am a native speaker of standard mid-western American English (considered to be accent free in the US). I speak Spanish with several regional accents, due to spending summers as a child in Mexico with relatives, then I lived 12 years in Miami and developed quite a heavy Caribbean accent, and could pass as a Cuban.

I learned quite fluent German at age 20-23 when I was stationed in Germany with the US Army, but I have a slight accent because of what I mention in the next paragraph--rhythm and music.

I live in Israel now, and although I do not use American vowels and consonants in Hebrew, it is the rhythm or music as they say, which gives me away.

At the end of the day, you must admit that it is WHAT you say and that it should be kind and with a good heart. Someone could be the most talented foreign language learner in the world and could learn to speak those languages perfectly without foreign accent, but this person is a horrible and says nasty things! I think we would love and respect the foreign accent spoken by the kind, well-meaning person. It is not the accent, but the thought that counts. Remember that!