Please can any one help me in learning new words and how can't I forget it
Thanks for your help
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The more you use them, the more they'd become part of your active vocabulary. Use the new words in both speaking and writing.
I'm trying alot ...but I sha to use them -$
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Don't be shy layal! You should be proud of your effort! Knowledge is power!
I think it is not easy to learn all the words in short period of time ... so i advise you to start with the frequent items and then move on to the more difficult and less common.

I collected more that 200 new vocabulary, but I don't use them or look at them ...you know I fell board when I see all of them together ....
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I can't agree more.

You'll learn the words once you see them used over and over in various contexts.

Something I do: follow one TV show/author at a time, and pretty soon I end up learning the most commonly used words in the show/reading material.

Law and Order (words like "indictment", "bail without remand", etc etc.)
Agatha Christie (words like "inquest", "sleuth")
Sci-fi movies/TV shows (lots of strange words!)
Thanks ..I will try my best .can you tell me if I want to Reorder the words how can I..
i asked my teacher she told me to put the same words in one group like Fruit , machine, flower ,atc. but I didn't like it ..
Give my suggestion a try -- it increases your exposure to the same words in a short period of time.

Many people suggest reading newspapers for the very same reason -- you'll be seeing the most commonly used words over and over again.
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